This is where I lived from 1966 to 1971. K.I. Sawyer AFB. It’s in the upper peninsula of Michigan. We lived in the house at the end of the complex on the right. When I started going to Middle School (Gwinn Middle School 6-8 grade) in 1968, I would catch the bus on the corner.

At midnight, New Year’s Eve, when it was becoming 1970, I was looking out of the window that is on the side of the building on the right. My sister’s friend lived there. I remember that her name was Debbie. I don’t recall why I was there. I think that our parents were out celebrating.  I was 12 1/2.

I got the picture off of google maps. It’s from 2009. It looks almost exactly the same as it did 42 years ago… post-apocalyptic.

This is K.I.Sawyer Elementary School. I was there for the 4th and 5th grade.

This is Gwinn Middle School. I was there from the 6th to the 8th grade.

Some things that I remember about going to school there:

  • Mrs. Askew, my 4th grade teacher, gave me an F on my telephone etiquette test.
  • Mr. D., my 5th grade teacher, made me stand in the corner for an hour because I wouldn’t shut up talking.
  • In my 6th grade Gym class at Gwinn Middle School, I was only one of two who had started puberty.
  • Also in my 6th grade Gym class, I was usually the penultimate pick when chosing sides for anything. Some guy named Alfred was always last. I eventually hit a home run while playing whiffle ball and shot up in the ranks.
  • In the 7th grade I talked my mom into buying me a Brady Bunch lunch box (because I was hideously clueless about why I SHOULDN’T have one) and took it to school. Cozette Pumpford (the ringleader) and some other girls, WHO I COULD NOT STAND, followed me around all during lunch, mocking me and calling me ‘Marcia’. I was horrified. I eventually went and hid in the boys bathroom.  Thirty + years later, I would run into Cozette while I was living in Las Vegas. She had no memory of the incident. Also, thirty + years later, I would win a Brady Bunch trivia contest in which the prize was lunch with Barry Williams, who played Greg.
  • In the 8th grade, some kid named John Wayne (his real name), who always carried around his french horn and always had to sit next to ME on the bus, threw up on my leg.

I made a lot of friends when we lived there. It was my Wonder Years. Eventually, my dad got transferred and we moved to Valdosta, Georgia. Maybe I’ll google map that some day and see if I can find the house we lived in.


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