I don’t get the whole Kardashian boycott thing. I must admit that when it comes to the Kardashians I am indifferent. Dispassionate. I don’t watch the show. I have, however, seen a few episodes. Anyway, now there is a campaign on Facebook for E! to pull the show.

The only reason that I know that there is a Kardashian boycott is because it keeps popping up in the frickin’ yahoo news and trends. Seriously! Isn’t there anything more important going on in the world?

I don’t really know a LOT about the Kardashians. I know that most of their names start with a K. I know that Kim is probably the most famous of the bunch. I know that somewhere there’s a sex tape. I think that one of them sells perfume. And, I know that a lot of people don’t like them.

I recently read that the lady – whose name I can’t recall and am too lazy to look up – who started the Facebook campaign, has received death threats. Well, what did she expect? That’s going to happen in any ‘controversial’ campaign. I don’t know if she expected this cause célèbre to reach the magnitude that it has, but apparently there are a buttload of people out there who are interested in it enough to sign a petition.

Okay, fine, so let’s say that the petition works and E! pulls the show from the air (Personally I don’t see this happening. It’s probably still on the air because it has ratings. I could be wrong. IDK). So, what happens next? Well, they’ll probably put on another show just like it. Shows like that are all over the place. I don’t see any petitions to get them pulled from the air.

Apparently, the Kardashian Clan is setting a bad example. Maybe so. But so is about 90% of everything else on television and, for the matter, in the real world (If there is such a thing anymore).

So, what do you do? Pull every show that sets an allegedly bad example? Fine, go ahead, but have fun watching nothing but the Teletubbies, Doodlebops and Beverly Hillbillies reruns ( Oh wait, Mr. Drysdale was a greedy SOB, so scratch that).

To quote Newton Minow*, a former chairman of the FCC, television is a ‘vast wasteland’. I have to agree. Television hasn’t exactly gone down the path that Edward R. Murrow had hoped that it would, but I don’t think that you can blame that all on the Kardashians. Well, maybe a little.

*Apparently, the S.S. Minnow, the shipwrecked ship on Gilligan’s Island, was sarcastically named for him to express displeasure with his assessment of the quality of television. (P.S. I love Gilligan’s Island)

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  1. KeitherB says:

    I’m not a fan of the “K” klan either but hey , thats how they are so famous , people love them and love to watch the show . If people don’t like em , don’t watch ! . Why campaign to end the show ?

  2. claytonbroomesjr says:

    I’m with you. I’m not a fan of the Kardashians. I just started watching the show, but it isn’t something I look forward to. Having watched some episodes, I think I understand them a little better. Yes, they are painfully superficial but they have a lot of love for each other. I admire that about them. Most people don’t have that. And on top of this, Tyler Perry’s fans are planning to boycott the movie he just cast Kim in (talked about in my blog). I mean, it seems to be an all out assault on her. I don’t think it is at all that serious for such hatred. People need to worry about their own lives.

    My blog. 🙂

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