Here is the sixth BCS top 14 of the season, with the school, its spot in the Harris poll, its spot in the coaches’ poll and its BCS computer average. We’ve also included the NCAA’s schedule strength, which is not part of the BCS formula. (Last week’s rank in parentheses.)
Team Harris Coaches Comp. SOS
1. LSU (1) 1st 1st T-1st 17th
2. Alabama (3) 2nd 2nd 3rd 23rd
3. Arkansas (6) 3rd 3rd 4th T-65th
4. Okla. State (2) 6th 6th 2nd 20th
5. Virginia Tech (8) 5th 4th 7th 27th
6. Stanford (9) 4th 5th 9th 79th
7. Boise State (10) 8th 8th 8th 14th
8. Houston (11) 7th 7th 12th 97th
9. Oklahoma (5) 10th 11th 6th 11th
10. Oregon (4) 9th 9th 11th 16th
11. Kansas St. (13) 15th 15th 5th 13th
12. S. Carolina (12) 13th 13th 10th 37th
13. Georgia (14) 12th 14th 14th T-56th
14. Mich. State (15) 11th 10th 17th 69th

Arkansas plays at LSU on Friday, and LSU is an early 13.5-point favorite. A victory over Arkansas would send LSU to the Dec. 3 SEC championship game in Atlanta, where the Tigers would play Georgia, which is 13th in this week’s standings. Alabama plays at archrival Auburn on Saturday knowing that a win should keep it on track for a title game appearance.

If LSU and Alabama win, it will be status quo at the top of the standings next week. If Arkansas and Auburn win, Arkansas is the SEC West champ – and presumably No. 1 in the BCS next week. But if Arkansas and Alabama win, things become much cloudier. Because Alabama, Arkansas and LSU each would be 7-1 in the division and 1-1 against each other, the tiebreaker would be broken by the BCS standings. But it’s not quite that simple: If the highest and second-highest team among the trio are within five spots of each other in the BCS standings – which seems an absolute given – the tiebreaker goes to the team that won the head-to-head meeting between those two. In other words, there’s no way to tell about the tiebreaker yet.

I don’t ever remember Arkansas being ranked this high.

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