I don’t like to be controversial. I really don’t. And, I’m not a hater. There is a big difference between being a hater and having something get on your nerves. I don’t like that term ‘hater’ anyway. People misuse it big time.


Me: I don’t like brown M and M’s.

Look, I didn’t say that I HATE brown M & Ms. I said that I don’t like them. Big difference.

Nobody can like everything. No one is that ecumenical. No one is that catholic. Not even Mother Teresa.  And she’s a Saint. Or on her way to becoming one. I really can’t remember which stage of beatification that she is in. Or is that just for Popes. I forget and digress.


Hater implies malicious intent, damages, making someone’s life miserable, etc. Not liking something just means that it’s not your cup of tea. I don’t like Teletubbies.

Remember when President George H. W. Bush (senior, not junior) said that he didn’t like broccoli. OMG, people got so bent out of shape. For a while it was kind of a big deal. People even wrote articles about it. Hey, I don’t like cauliflower, but nobody ever wrote shit about me.

People make the biggest deal out of the stupidest stuff. Why? IDK. Nothing better to do, I guess.

There ARE some things that the majority of people collectively ‘hate’. It’s acceptible to not like it.


 I don’t think that too many people are going to give you crap for using that statement. And, if anyone gives you a hard time for being a ‘hater’ on that topic, then more than likely it’s going to be THEM that looks like the bad guy, not you.

I guess that you could say, “I don’t like child molesters”. But, that doesn’t pack very much of a punch. It almost sounds like you’re just saying it to avoid indictment.

What is the point of the above discourse?

Well, it’s a preface to this statement…

I don’t like Taylor Swift. She gets on my nerves.

Yes, I know that she is an ostensible example of what is right with our youth, but for me, her demeanor borders on Stepford Wives. Her music is the audible version of the Chinese Water Torture. And, to quote Jan Brady, “Everytime she turns around they hand her a blue ribbon or something”!

…or some type of award. Like last night at the AMAs. Normally I wouldn’t watch it, but, you know, I had to watch SOMETHING while I was waiting for the delayed Amazing Race to come on.

She’s so effusively gracious. Ugh.

Why do you act so surprised? You KNEW you were going to win.

You don't deserve this award. It should go to Mother Teresa.

It seems like ever since she got interrupted by Kanye West at the ‘whatever the crap awards show that was’, she is, also, on that road to beatification.

So, in closing let me just say that I don’t hate Taylor Swift. Not even.

It’s just that the whole goody two shoes thing gets a tad bit on my nerves.

P.S. I don’t like Kanye either.

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