Today is the 48th anniversary of the Kennedy assassination. Even though I was only 6, I , like Marilu Henner AND that chick on that Unforgettable show –  who wasn’t even alive then, but you get the idea – I remember almost every detail about that day.

I was living in Montgomery, Alabama and in the first grade when it happened. I was attending Bellinger Hill Elementary School and since we lived just down the street from the school, I would, sometimes, go home to have lunch. This was one of those days. I was watching television when Walter Cronkite interrupted programming to announce the news of the shooting.

I’m sure that there are quite a few people who blog on WordPress that weren’t alive yet, but almost everyone can relate because of similar instances in their lives – i.e. the Challenger explosion, the Reagan shooting, the Lennon shooting, 9/11, and yes, even baby Jessica falling into the well.

I remember all of those events very well, but none of them can compare to what I have stored in my memory regarding the Kennedy assassination. The only thing that comes close is 9/11.

Here is a picture of my sister and I a few weeks after it happened. The picture is blurry, but hey, we didn’t have digital photography and all that back then.

and this is Bellinger Hill Elementary School. I had to do a google street view to find a picture of it. It pretty much looks the same as I remember it.

If you ever have the time, here is an interesting documentary about the Zapruder film.

What historical events have you experienced that evoke such recall?

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