Click here to lister to The Night of the Living Dead audio version

I love the Prelinger Archives. Recently, I came across an audio version of Night of the Living Dead. I would say that it’s a radio version, but there is some coarse language in it, so probably not. There isn’t too much information about it so I don’t know when it was made.

Anyway, it’s stupid. And ludicrous. I don’t know who these people are that are playing the parts, but…really? They took iconic characters and turned them into complete morons.

The guy playing Johnny acts like a 2 year old. And Barbara… OMG, what an embicile. Granted, she was pretty idiotic  in the original movie, but in this version she’s hideous. She talks like she’s auditioning for a commercial from the 60s. It borders on Chatty Cathy. Her speech pattern is so affected. The guy playing Ben is really bad, too. Nothing like the original character, played by Duane Jones. It almost sounds like a white guy trying to sound black.  He acts like he’s crazy and needs to be committed. In the original movie no reference is ever made to the fact that Ben is black. In this version, Ben brings it up on several occasions.

In the original NOTLD, Harry Cooper is my favorite character. They totally ruined him is this version. Sounds nothing like him.

The guy who plays Tom is probably the most bearable. He supposed to be a teenage, but it sounds like some 30 year old guy trying to sound like a teenager. And Judy….ummmm….horrible.

Karen Cooper is supposed to be about 11 or 12. In this version she’s 5. Well, that’s stupid. Why make her so young? I don’t get it. Also stupid is the fact that she talks to her mother right before she kills her and AFTER she’s killed her father. That’s dumb. Zombies don’t talk. So, either she’s not a zombie yet and is just a parent murderer, or the people who wrote this script are just stupid. Maybe it’s supposed to be funny. IDK.

Anyway, listen to it if you want to. Stupid Barbara says the F word. Twice!

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