Today is my sister’s birthday. I got her a birthday card with a Hell’s Angel flipping the bird. When you open the card it plays Don’t Fear the Reaper. I thought it was funny. Anyway…

Did you know that the Happy Birthday song is copyrighted? Tragic, huh. According to the Happy Birthday website it is okay to sing it in your house. But, if you are going to sing it in public – i.e., parks, restaurants, bowling alleys, office buildings, etc. –  you are supposed to pay. Right, like people do that. Anyway, that’s why the serving staff in restaurants sings those alternate songs. That’s why in some tv shows they sing For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow instead of Happy Birthday. I  guess they’re cheap asses.

Whenever I’m around a group of people that are singing Happy Birthday it’s usually so out of tune that you can’t even tell what song it is. I guess that’s a good thing in a way. Makes it harder to get sued if the ‘Happy Birthday Big Brother is Watching You’ people decided to file a suit.

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