I have this stupid jingle stuck in my head.

Swing it up
 (yeah, yeah)
It says yes
 (yeah, yeah)
Take the shot
 (yeah, yeah)
Count it down
 (yeah, yeah)
Zip it off

Click on the link to listen to it and get it stuck in your head too. And be sure to look out for Ali McGraw.


A video of a song I like.

A gif I made.

Watch this typewriter commercial. It’s groovy.

It’s mighty important to express yourself.

What book contains this opening paragraph?

The little old town of Mayenfeld is charmingly situated. From it a footpath leads through green, well-wooded stretches to the foot of the heights which look down imposingly upon the valley. Where the footpath begins to go steeply and abruptly up the Alps, the heath, with its short grass and pungent herbage, at once sends out its soft perfume to meet the wayfarer.

If you leave the correct answer in the comments then I’ll give you a pretend gold star and talk about how super-smart and fabulous you are in another post.

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