I don’t really want a boy for my birthday. That’s just sick. No, when I listen to this song – which is usually accompanied by my fantastic cha cha dance moves – I substitute the phrase a million, billion dollars for the word boy. Anyway, it’s a cool song loved most by the borderline geriatric generation. But hey, I like it too. In addition to it being a fantastic cha cha song, it’s also great for doing the mashed potato at a slow to medium pace.

How to do the Cha Cha

How to do the Mashed Potato

The dance begins by stepping backward with one foot with that heel tilted inward. The foot is positioned slightly behind the other (stationary) foot. With the weight on the ball of the starting foot, the heel is then swiveled outward. The same process is repeated with the other foot: step back and behind with heel inward, pivot heel out, and so on. The pattern is continued for as many repetitions as desired. The step may be incorporated in various dances either as a separate routine or as a styling of standard steps.

Speaking of the Mashed Potato, what is up with those lyrics in Dee Dee Sharp’s Mashed Potato Time song?

I’ve been listening to this song since it first came out –  that’s right, I’m frickin’ old ! – and I STILL can’t figure out what she is saying in certain parts. I’ve looked it up on those song lyrics sites and I don’t think that THEY even know. Every site shows different lyrics.

Anyway, I love Dee Dee Sharp. Another one of my favorites by her is Baby Cakes.

Another great (in my opinion) song is Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde by Babs Tino.

Here is a slowed down version of it that I recently found on YouTube. It’s kind of creepy sounding.

It almost sounds like a song that should be playing in the background when someone is being horribly murdered on an episode of that cancelled show Cold Case.

There’s really not a whole lot of information about Babs Tino on the internet (maybe I just don’t know where to look).
Here are some liner notes about her from an Early Girls Vol. 2 album /cd.

Babs Tino hade the looks and the talent but failed to get the breaks and therefore barely qualifies as a footnote to a footnote in the history books. Having made a solitary single for Cameo Records in 1957, it seems she did not record again until 1961 when she signed with Kapp Records and had six singles released between then and 1963. Owner Dave Kapp was a pillar of New York’s musical establishment, a man with strongly held views on the linear alignment of musical notes in relation to pitch and tempo, and no-one got through the door at Kapp unless they could count bars and sing in tune. The best arrangers/songwriters (including Bacharach and Leiber & Stoller) were assigned to Tino’s sessions but only her third single, ‘Forgive me’, made any sort of impression ‘bubbling’ under the Hot 100 for one week in 1962 and gaining a UK release. Her fifth single, ‘Keep Away From Other Girls’, was successfully covered in the UK by Helen Shapiro.”

Poor Babs. Lost in musical oblivion. I’ve listened to her other stuff and Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde is really the only song of hers that I like. Sorry Babs. Hmmmm, I wonder where she is now.

Here’s a bizarre song by what some chick named Suzie. She kind of reminds me of a Sally Field Gidget clone. The song is Johnny Loves Me and is not to be confused with the Shelley Fabares song of the same name (but totally different).

I know, right? Weird. I don’t understand the whole whoops! (or whatever the crap she is saying)  after the Johnny, Johnny, Johnny lines. They should have left that beat blank without a lyric and inserted a rim shot or something (shruggs shoulders).
Suzie was a Dutch singer. She was born Martina Peereboom, in Tilburg in the Netherlands in 1946. I went to her wikipedia page but it was in Dutch (or WHATEVER that language was) and I couldn’t find the translate button, so screw it.

Anyway, I think that’s it. See ya on the flip side.
Flip side, get it. Ya know, like the other side of a record. Which is kind of what this post was about. Never mind!

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