Do you know what bugs me? When people don’t understand the concept of  ‘taste is relative’. Just because THEY like something or were brainwashed into thinking that it’s the ‘be all – end all’ best doesn’t mean that everybody is going to like it. And when you don’t like it – and this really kills me – they just don’t understand why.

Them: I can’t believe you like McDonald’s hamburgers! They’re so gross!
Me: I like ’em.
Them: Why? They’re so tasteless and flat and not the least bit juicy!
Me: I like ’em.
Them: No! You should try these blah blah hamburgers. They’re big and fat and juicy. They’re the best!
Me: I like these McDonald’s hamburgers.
Them: I don’t understand you. These are so much bigger and better and yummier.

What part of “I like McDonald’s hamburgers” do these people not understand?

Them: I can’t believe you don’t like tomatoes!
Me: Rolls eyes
Them: Have you ever TRIED one. They are so good.
Me: I don’t like ’em.
Them: They’re so good for you! Here ( sticks a tomato in your face). Try one!
Me: I don’t like ’em.
Them: I can’t believe you. You don’t know what you’re missing.

Why do people have to stick food that you have emphatically stated you don’t like in your face?

For some reason people seem to think that bigger and newer and most innovative is the best.

If one more person tried to talk me into getting a 3D tv I am going to scream.

Them: You should get one. They’re the best!
Me: I like my ‘regular’ tv.
Them: But 3D is so awesome.
Me: 3D is not NEW you know. I was going to 3D movies in the 60s.
Them: But this is on a tv and the technology is so much better than it was back then.
Me: I’ve been to your house 7 times since you got that 3D tv and not ONCE did we put on a pair of 3D glasses to watch it.
Them: Well, not everything is in 3D.
Me: Also, what makes this 3D technology so much better?
Them: Just look at the glasses!
Me: I like my ‘regular’ tv. Besides, 3D tvs are a d minor first inversion chord.
Them: Puzzled look
Me: F – A  – D. Fad

Obviously this person has never heard of the pet rock or the Macarena.

One day I would love to live in a world where people don’t constantly try to convince you that you Do or Don’t like something. Or that you are mistaken for liking or not liking it.

Shove that Twilight movie in my face ONE MORE TIME and I am going to throw it and you out the window!

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  1. mooselicker says:

    Haha very funny! Do you watch Family Guy? You’d love that show!

    – Me being an ass

    Why would anyone get a 3D TV? TV shows aren’t shot in 3D.

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