With the exception of sex and driving in the car pool lane, I pretty much like doing things on my own. Going to the movies, eating out in restaurants, going to art museums, etc. Maybe I’m a tad bit narcissistic – okay fine, more than a tad – but it always seems like the other person, or persons, screws up the experience for me. They talk during the movie, they criticise the art I like, or they complain about the food. I never complain about the food. I don’t have too. The other person usually does it for me.

Them: I don’t think they got your order right.
Me: How would you know? You were texting your BFF and totally ignoring me when I ordered.
Them: Well, it just looks wrong.

I’m not one of those complainer people. I figure that if I’m lucky enough to have the means to even go out to a restaurant that I should be grateful. A lot of people don’t even have enough food to eat on a daily basis. I’m lucky that I do. Unfortuately, a majority of the people that I hang with don’t share that philosophy. They equate being grateful with weakness or letting people walk all over you.

Another reason that I prefer doing things on my own is that, in addition to being complainers and criticizers, most of the people that I do things with are those itinerary/list people. I hate lists. Nothing spoils an adventure more than a list. With lists, especially those accompanied with times, there is no plan B.

I keep everything in my head. And I always have back-up plans. A through Double Z. If this happens then I’ll do that. If that happens then I’ll do this. Written down itinerary/list people usually just have Plan A. That’s it. A snag or a snafu and they’re screwed.

Oh no, traffic is backed up. Let me honk incessantly at these other cars. They are screwing up my plan. I am going to be late for no. 7 on my list. My day is ruined.

It’s not that I’m not organized. I am, somewhat. But, you can be TOO organized. Organized to the point of it screwing everything up. I like to keep things more Bohemian.

I suppose that I should seek out people who are more like me. You know, the freer, less organized types. The ones who don’t have a coronary if the movie starts 5 minutes late, or don’t have a cow if a few regular fries get mixed in with their curly fries. But. for some odd reason – probably some psychological childhood trauma thing that I’m not even aware of – I surround myself with those ‘complainer/I have a time limit’ people. Shruggs shoulders

I guess you could say that most of my freinds, acquaintances and family members are this:

And I’m this:

I can’t help it. That’s how I roll.

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  1. OracularSpectacular says:

    Love this post. There are a lot of things I like to do alone, and people tend to find it strange. I actually wrote about it too a few weeks here http://oracularspectacular.wordpress.com/2011/11/18/how-many-wolves-in-your-wolfpack/

    Particularly like the point about people with lists, it’s so much more fun to go with the flow.

  2. Yup, me to. Alone is good. People just take so long deciding what to do. Then they take time explaining why it can’t happen now. Then they tell me that they would really LIKE to do what we already planned and explain (in detail)why that is. Nah, life is too short.

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